Authentic, updated and verified B2B database

To grow your company's marketing efficiency customer acquisition is a necessary process you need to focus on maintaining positive customer data. Intensify your marketing strategy plus simultaneously cut your expenses on a flawed dataset. B2B Data Partners will equip you with a tele verified database and regularly validate your incoming clientele info.


Invite customer insights with tele-verified data.

Initially, as you gather info on prospective consumers through various independent data providers, it will hold unreliable, spammed and duplicate data. In acquiring customer info, do not fall prey for incorrect details. Gather authenticated data through telephone verification, performed by the specialist data providers; B2B Data Partners.

Tele Verified Data determines the competence of an enterprise. The image and success of a company lie in its capacity to handle tremendous client data. B2B Data Partners manage the consumer data with utmost efficiency in rendering secure data through multiple data enrichment services. Tele authentication is one among many data enrichment techniques. Millions of calls are made by the specialist team every day to get hold of the right information. As B2B Data Partners take these measures before handing you flawless customer data, needlessly grow your most prominent leads.

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Why choose B2B Data Partners?

We B2B Data Partners will ensure you hold an accessible, and reliable database through tele authentication. We, the data suppliers, now have 8 million records in the tele-verification database. Besides, we offer one of the vastest tele-verification teams (400+ tele-verifiers) working for 55 industrial sectors. The professional team authenticates data by making a million calls. Our telephone authentication protocol involves monthly data cleanup measures and segregation for the do-not-call (DNC) lists.

Our tele-verified includes category details such as-
SIC Codes

SIC Codes


National Change of Address references


ZIP4 and ZIP Codes of product buyers


Web and Land Addresses of organizations requiring IT services


Fax details of gadget purchasers/distributors


Phone Number


Job Titles in computerized facilities


Roles of professionals etc.

Before verifying the details through calls, the team of experts find information from:
same databse

Government database search

Tech seminars

Tech seminars / product launches

B2b marketing

B2b marketing forums


Application-based campaigns

Opt-in email

Opt-in email campaigns


Field surveys

Annual report

Annual report researching

Do not panic if the shelf life of your data ends. B2B Data Partners will run your bulky figures into its master database and immediately update it. With consistent database upgradation, you can efficiently market your products. At B2B Data Partners, 400+ telemarketers verify market information across fields, supporting cost minimization and boost response rates genuinely. Our team dials 1,000,000 numbers monthly to certify the authenticity of the consumer information. Through data cleansing and hygiene techniques, we send you a freshly verified phone number, among which you will find no DNC numbers as we will scrub them.

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