Reseller Data Licensing

If you are a marketing services provider or a data vendor, you need regular access to a huge, accurate database. You will need the data to make sure that you meet your clients’ requirements. This is where data licensing from B2B Data Partners can help you. You get access to our master database with quarterly updates.


How Reseller Data Licensing works?


You get license to use our data. You can purchase the license for any amount of data that you need


We maintain the data for you. We will update the data every 90 days, thereby ensuring access to the latest data


You can use the data or resell it till the expiry of the licence


You get easy options to renew the license or to add more licensed data to your repertoire


You get access to our 24/7 customer service team to help you with any issues related with data

Data Licensing offers a win-win situation for you as a data marketer. You can service all your client requirements and build your brand. All this and you don’t have to worry about the quality and quantity of the data. We are here to manage it for you.

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