Data Compliance

With data compliance there is no specific rule that applies universally, different regions adhere to specific data protection laws and the ever changing digital world adds to the regulatory change and complexity.

To address this concern, our teams at B2B Data Partners have created a flexible compliance mechanism that updates data on demand to enable you to navigate the minefield of data compliance. We address the regulation barrier with authentic and validated records, regulatory agency tie-ups and alert vigilance over the data marketing landscapes on a regular basis.

Data Appending Services

Different Types of Opt-ins in Use:


Soft opt-in: Assumed consent based on previous interactions and organic contact.


Hard opt-in: Actively provided consent by an individual through a tick box or other consciously provided statement.


Single opt-in: One-fold confirmation of a user submitting personal details and giving consent for it to be used.


Double opt-in: The most secure two-fold confirmation process which includes single opt-in, followed up with a triggered email containing a link to confirm the details.

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GDPR: The First Global Data Protection Law

What is it?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) [Regulation (EU) 2016/679] is the new data privacy regulation jointly proposed by the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and European Commission, aiming to “strengthen and unify” data protection laws for individuals within the European Union.

The new regulation plans to replace the old Data Protection Directive [95/46/EC], which has been effective from 1995. The last date of implementation for EU Member States is 25th May, 2018.

Benefits of data append

Who will be the most affected?


GDPR applies to organizations...


Offering goods or services to EU citizens


Monitoring behaviors of EU data subjects


Holding or processing personal data of subjects residing in EU


The law applies to any company whose data processing concerns private data of EU data subjects, irrespective of the company's (processor or controller) location.

Why is it a Good Move for Your Business?

In an abundantly competitive digital market, customers are saturated with choices. In this era of big data, regulations like GDPR are necessary tools to disperse cluttering information and establish business connections that actually matter. GDPR is a win-win for both businesses and buyers.

With the new GDPR upgrade, finally the regulations will accommodate fresh ideas. Provisions within the law will allow B2B and B2C businesses to apply relevant and up-to-date marketing tactics and build valuable partnerships in the long run.

Not long before the GDPR takes effect. Are you ready yet?

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