Leverage custom-made Real-estate Email List

Connecting and engaging with the right real estate agent or builder is a challenging task. We help you connect with the right builder or agent in an easy straight-forward way.

Through applying data filters to our 45+ M database, we'll create a custom email list of your target real estate segment. You can avail geo-targeted, position and revenue based lists through on our powerful email filters.

Real estate business deals works based-on building relationships and connections. Our email lists helps you build large and long-lasting relationships in the realtor business.

Here's benifit of owning a real estate industry email list

Having a real-estate contact database isn't just a possible lead oppurtunity. It's also a way of engaging and connecting with your right target customers.

Contribute more upsell, cross-sell

Let the target market know about you now! Forget months or years.


Instantly gather powerful multi-touch contact data of your prospects.

Accelerate your marketing

Create your own shortest way to surprising industry recognition.

Accelerate your marketing

Save your time and energy with advanced data verification feature.

We focus on providing the most complete B2B real estate data?

We don't just cut-off you with a database of real estate contacts. Our B2B solutions also involve supporting you through the process of regular data cleansing, market research, customer support and end-to-end marketing. Our after-sales data services ensures that you get maximum out of your existing lead data.


Real-time and accurate searching of construction resources, C-level deal makers, cost-effective heavy-machinery transport and the all-important homebuyer


Long-term and short-term data usage including license-out deals, which you can have regularly updated for long campaigns


Strategy-building support for B2B exchanges with paint manufacturers, villa staffers, maintenance experts, appliance providers and other relevant resources


24/7 customer support for technical issues, using marketing and quick-sell tools

>A good 'data base' and timely renewal of your records will help channelize your realty business through the most ideal thoroughfares.

Talk to a data management expert

Our data management expert will help you find a tailored real estate email database for your business