Real Estate

Reinforcing your business network for real-time marketing

Improving your performance in real estate can be very challenging in the face of unstable home prices. Improvements often require deep-rooted changes, which often turn out unfeasible. However, details about builders, cement tycoons, home agencies and other associates are always precious. Our marketing data solutions help in converting your business network into a secure click-of-a-button facility. Without such pragmatic progress, your home-selling enterprise could be beginning to age too quickly.

Contacts is very important in today's business, and B2B Data Partners is getting better at supporting companies with a little more-end-to-end marketing information.

Benefits of B2B Data Solutions:

Contribute more upsell, cross-sell

Find the right masonry experts, architects, homebuyers and other bodies beneficial for business


Increase your popularity across urbanizing regions

Accelerate your marketing

Establish pioneering construction and supply proposals with greater credibility

Accelerate your marketing

Keep a high-end, cost-effective and automated reporting system on the lookout for business 24/7

How B2B Data Partners is different?

Our data solutions is not just about selling you a large database of marketing contacts, but supporting you through the process of regular data cleansing, market research, customer support and end-to-end marketing. As a result, by hiring us, you will be able to perform -


Real-time and accurate searching of construction resources, C-level deal makers, cost-effective heavy-machinery transport and the all-important homebuyer


Long-term and short-term data usage including license-out deals, which you can have regularly updated for long campaigns


Strategy-building support for B2B exchanges with paint manufacturers, villa staffers, maintenance experts, appliance providers and other relevant resources


24/7 customer support for technical issues, using marketing and quick-sell tools

A good 'data base' and timely renewal of your records will help channelize your realty business through the most ideal thoroughfares.

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