Master Database Management

Need a master to manage your database?

Not every work qualifies to be a masterpiece and not every master database is true to its words. Although your data possesses all the qualities of a masterpiece, it can never remain to be one. Thanks to the multiple transactions, unprofessional or irregular updates, which you just cannot avoid duplicating, while wrong and incomplete data is being updated on to the periphery of your master database.

Remain on this page if you agree your master database needs a professional touch. If not, this is certainly not meant for you.

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B2B Data Partners is in the data industry for a considerable length of time, to sense, feel, explore and understand the pulse of the industry. With an in-house team of database specialists, B2B Data Partners gives you an open offer to update your database. Most of the leading financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, food, healthcare, retail companies, as well as government organizations, rely on our master database management to master the duplicate data in on-premise systems and cloud applications to drive revenue by improving operations and cutting cost expenses.

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Why B2B Data Partners?

We use a flexible multi-domain, business model-driven MDM, tailored to specific business requirements at your end. Our domains can easily adapt to your data and we empower you to choose a business model, which is convenient for you.

We can help you accelerate and streamline the MDM, data solutions, data integration, and data quality projects by streamlining the business rules. Our team, with the most relevant technology can instantly identify any duplicate master data in any number of different formats and data sources, both on-premise and in the cloud by leveraging the highest scalability benchmarks in the industry.

Increase alertness and accommodate current and future business needs by expanding beyond a single data domain.

We maintain all the relevant master data extraction, history and version control for audit and compliance purposes.

Our MDM can help you perform faster with exceptionally accurate searches on your master data in multiple languages and character sets, which are easily accommodating the complexity of your global B2B or B2C business.

Our MDMs are designed in order to help you in improving the auditing capabilities and compliance measures by tracking the master data lineage and history, using timelines showing when the master data or hierarchies were created and modified.

We can enable a dynamic management of relationships between business-critical master data to provide new insights and opportunities, by grouping contacts, organizing companies and channeling partners into corporate hierarchies.

Our MDS will unify a customer┬┤s social identity on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with the corporate identity in your CRM system.

Enrich customer profiles in your CRM system with additional information from social media sites such as customer "likes", comments about the company┬┤s brand, and network of "friends"

B2B Data Partners Master Data Management is focused at addressing your unique MDM business requirements. This proven multi domain MDM approach improves operations by empowering business users with consolidated and reliable business-critical data-such as customers, products, channel partners, suppliers-and the relationships between different sets of data.