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At B2Bdatapartnes, we provide niche marketing database segmented by industry. Our industry-wise B2B mailing list includes variables like title, SIC code, revenue, contact information and other relevant information.

Popular Request: Industry wise list of top performing Industries

B2B Data Partners identifies incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, irrelevant parts of the data and then replaces, modifies or deletes them.

Once B2B Data Partners receives your dirty, decayed data lists, we...

Information Technology

Technology (IT)

Education & Research

Education &

Manufacturing, Heavy machinery business

Manufacturing, Heavy
machinery business



Agriculture, Forestry, And Fishing

Agriculture, Forestry,
And Fishing

Financial Services, Insurance, Banking

Financial Services,
Insurance, Banking

Mining, Construction, Oil & Gas

Mining, Construction,
Oil & Gas

Electric, Gas, Sanitary Services

Electric, Gas,
Sanitary Services

Public Administration, Social Service

Public Administration,
Social Service


Increase the speed
of service

verified industry data

Based on the purpose, objective and need, you can choose to use our verified industry data for the following purpose:

Market Research

Market Research

Roll out polls, discover market trends, or explore
new business opportunities

Business Prospecting

Business Prospecting

Target new prospects from specific industry or
business. You roll targeted campaigns and
personalize campaign based on your need.

Campaign based on your need.
Benefits of using Industry wise list:



Build accurate list of industry specific list within hours instead of day or months.

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Explore new markets without depending on in-house resources

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Gain granular data on each company ( Filter by geography, SIC Code, title, etc)

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If you need assistance developing new Industry specific list for your business, then you can contact our list specialist or request more information from us.

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