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It's the technology driven time, and if something has to happen, it has to happen in real time. B2B Data Partners is not just keeping pace with recent technology, but is racing much ahead of it.

Data always protect business and builds promising business opportunities

Keeping pace with the needs and requirements of a company, B2B Data Partners offers a wide range of online, web based data management services. Our services are designed in such a way that your valuable data assets are protected while remaining easily accessible at all times. With B2B Data Partners by your side, you will never need to invest in, manage and even maintain your own in-house technology and data systems.


B2B Data Partners has its services spread over 50 industries. If you are looking at targeting any particular industry, we have it segregated for you. In case you are unable to spot your industry in our list, you can fill up the form here

Whether you want to just view and order data online, share data quickly and securely within a closed environment, move data offsite to maximize and free internal resources, or just need it for backup and disaster recovery purposes, B2B Data Partners online data management solutions can preserve your data, keep it safe and ensure that it is still accessible to you in a flexible and scalable manner.

These online data management solutions include:

Online usage

Online usage
of data Lists

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Data Vault (EDV)

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Online GIS
and Storage

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Storage etc.

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