Contact Appending

How do you expand contact base with multiple titles within the same organization?

Data Appending Services

How do you prospect to other decision makers from the same company?

Contact appending expands your influence within an organization. This is done by adding alternate contacts from the same company. With multiple contacts, you can reach multiple people in one company and increases chances of marketing campaign. B2B Data Partners has the contact information of multiple titles from Fortune 500 companies to SMBs. You can depend on our contact appending service to strengthen your chances of receiving response from marketing campaign.

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We match your business data with our large master database. At first, we do automatic data matching process. During this process, the system flags similar records and fresh data is appended to these records. The remaining unmatched records are manually verified by experts. Our data team then appends with more information.

Typical contacts information appended:



Contact name





Line of

sic code

SIC Code,
Zip Code etc.

Contact information

Contact information (offline, online and social)

Benefits of data append

Benefits of contact append


Establish new connection within the same organization


Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaign


Get more counts and increase the size of contact base


Increase marketing campaign ROI

Verified and validated Contact Information

B2B Data Partners’ contact appending service helps you to send marketing messages to multiple prospects in any organization.

We invite you to take a test drive of our proven data appending service and get added insight from your data. With contact appending you can append all C-Level/ V-Level/ Director Level and top decision makers from different department to your existing business file.

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