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Data Enhancement

What's meant by B2B data enrichment and why you need it?

If you are just relying on one channel such as b2b emails to contact your business oppurtunities, you might be missing-out on a large portion of your opppurtunities. This is because most of the prospects may not be connected through a single touch point. As a result, this could lead to a low rate of lead to sales conversion rates.

In this place, data enhancement services provides you with multiple touch points of contact with your target prospect. This significantly multiplies your ability to connect with each prospect and turn them into prospective lead oppurtunities.

After having additional data fields added by our data services, your existing primary contact ID's will have multiple data fields augmenting the existing data. This includes additional contacts such as email, phone lists or any other alternate professional and personal social profiles. With this data at-hand, you can hunt down and connect with each oppurtunity in the most optimal way.

Thus, our data enrichment services opens-up additional ways of communication with your target buyer. In turn, this will help you accelerate your deal-making process by countinually nudging the target consumer towards the final deal closure.

In short, having access to enriched data is a great tool to scale your business faster with less effort.

For example, let's say you have the prospect email lists. The enhanced list will have additional information such as email, phone number and other contact information. In this way, we can add upto 72 additional fields to your existing data points.

What's a Data enhancement process?

Data enhancement is the process of augmenting your existing b2b data with additional contact information. Often, the additional information comes from a trusted b2b data provider with an extensive database of valid b2b contacts. You would need a verified data source with extensive contact database to discover and expand your existing b2b lists with additional contact data.

The quality of the b2b data source is the deciding factor at deciding the outcome of data enhancement services. By having access to an accurate and appended data, you'll be able to find the additional contact information of your business contacts. This may also include updating the existing data of your business contacts.

Essentially data enhancement works like a value-addition to your existing b2b contacts. Sales and marketing people love data enrichment as opens-up new possiblities to connect and engage potential customers.

The final updated data lists could include data fields that you may not have previously considered. This data nouirishment process helps you brainstorm new ways to connect and convert your customers.

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What additional fields gets added to enhanced data?

You might want to know if the enhanced data is relevant to your business requirements. Our data enhancement is refined over the years to add the most relevant data to your existing data fields.

These are some of the additional data fields that gets added to your b2b contact data.

  1. Contact Updated business email
  2. Contact Linkedin profile
  3. Contact updated phone number
  4. Contact social profiles ( Such as facebook, twitter)
  5. Contact alternate phone number
  6. updated company data pertaining to Contact

Get better qualitative data with our enhanced data lists

The time of your sales and marketing people is more precious than anything else. As per Hubspot research,sales teams that utilized b2b data was more successful in their marketing efforts.

Our b2b data product and services help you accelerate your business data management. Our experienced data experts understand your business requirement and provides you with updated data.

Through our verified and value-enhanced b2b data, we can uncover better market oppurtunities and drive better sales success for your business.

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