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If your healthcare business acts as a supplier, pharmacy, medicine lab, hospital or another kind of participant, you should be in continuous search for units that could help generate medicine or equipment sales.

In order to ensure that you have access to such opportunities, modern digital marketing service packages can be a perfect investment. They also help you to get more visibility among companies that like your supplies. Our database has millions of records which you can use for finding buyers that fit perfectly in your medical supply chain.


Special features of B2B healthcare lists

B2B Data Partners is renowned to be a very productive email list provider, increasing ROI in no time. Have a look at the benefits your business can make after trying out our healthcare email list to obtain one of your sales and marketing goals.

Our Tele-verified Data include category details such as −
official permission

Contacts are included only after official permission is provided by the healthcare professionals


The chance that you can convert a medical unit into a long-term buyer is consequently high (60-80%)

facility owners

More than 50% of our data consists of healthcare directors and facility owners

Every field is updated

Every field is updated more than once a month


Health-product launching events

American Healthcare Association

The American Healthcare Association

National Change of Address

National Change of Address committee


In-house data research experts (more than 300)

We also use thousands of other sources for knowing about your reaching scope. We do this as and when the reliability quotient of the health-business source is widespread.

Avail data list

You can avail our data lists


By hiring them from us


Licensing them out


Subscribing to a regular inflow of information on new hospital directors, pharmacy owners, lab administration personnel.

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healthcare data across the globe

We offer the most comprehensive healthcare data across the globe.

Here's a brief snapshot of our repository.

  • Generalist Medical Practitioners Database
    • Company Doctor Database
    • General Practitioner Database
    • Osteopath Database
  • Specialist Medical Practitioners Database
    • Anaesthetist Database
    • Cardiologist Database
    • Dentist Database
    • Dentist Surgeon Database
    • Gastroenterologist Database
    • Geneticist Database
    • Gynaecologist Database
    • Hygienist Database
    • Health Officer Database
    • Medical Practitioner Database
    • Optical Specialist Database
    • Pathologist Database
    • Plastic Surgeon Database
    • Psychiatrist Database
    • Radiologist Database
    • Skin Specialist Database
    • Specialised Doctor Database
    • Surgeon Database
    • Urologist Database

  • Midwifery Professionals Database
    • Midwife Database
    • Midwifery Professional Database
  • Nursing Professionals Database
    • Advanced Nurse Practitioner Database
    • Charge Nurse Database
    • Children's Nurse Database
    • District Nurse Database
    • Hospital Nurse Database
    • Intensive Care Nurse Database
    • Recovery Nurse Database
    • Nurse General Care Database
    • Nurse Database
    • Psychiatric Nurse Database
    • Specialist Nurse Database
    • Theatre Nurse Database

  • Animal Chiropractors Database
  • Aquatic Animal Health Professionals Database
  • General Veterinarians Database
  • Official Veterinarians Database
  • Specialised Veterinarians Database
  • General Veterinarians Database

  • Complementary Therapists Database
  • Homeopathic Practitioners Database

  • Audiologists and Speech Therapists Database
    • Audiologists Database
    • Speech and Language Therapists Database
    • Speech Therapists Database
  • Dentists Database
    • Dental Practitioners Database
    • Dentists Database
    • Specialist Dentists Database
  • Dieticians and Nutritionists Database
    • Dieticians Database
    • Dietitians Database
    • Nutrition Information Officers Database
  • Environmental and Occupational Health and Hygiene Professionals Database
    • Construction Safety Inspectors Database
    • Emergency Response Coordinators Database
    • Food Safety Specialists Database
    • Health and Safety Officers Database
    • Occupational Health Officers Database
    • Safety Officers Database
  • Database of Health Professionals not elsewhere classified
    • Animal Osteopaths Database
    • Kinesiologists Database
    • Occupational Therapy Assistants Database
    • Podiatrists Database
    • Podiatry Assistants Database
    • Recreational Therapists Database
    • Specialist Chiropractors Database
    • Therapists Database
  • Optometrists and Ophthalmic Opticians Database
    • Contact Lens Specialists Database
    • Ophthalmic Opticians Database
    • Optometrists Database
    • Orthoptists Database
  • Pharmacists Database
    • Pharmacists Database
    • Database of Pharmacists in Hospital or Factory
    • Pharmacy Managers Database
    • Toxicologist Database
  • Physiotherapists Database
    • Advanced Physiotherapists Database
    • Animal Physiotherapists Database
    • Chiropractors Database
    • Occupational Therapists Database
    • Physiotherapists Database
    • Psychomotor Herapists Database
    • Remedial Gymnasts Database
    • Respiratory Therapists Database
  • Paramedical Practioners Database

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