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Go above and beyond automated verification of your email lists. Our email list verification and appending services will verify your existing list to scrub non-valid emails and update with the latest live contacts.

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Why it's important to verify your email lists?

Are you doubting about the quality of your email lists?. Your email marketing may have above average bounces. Is your email marketing campaigns suffering low open rates? Does your email result in many time-wasting enquiries?

The quality of your email lists could be the reason for all these problem. Email verification is a process of removal of inactive and non-existent email id users. 30% of professionals change their email addresses every year. We will replace emails that are left inactivated with new ones because of a change in vocation or place through our email appending services.

What's email verification and appending services?

B2B Data Partners validate each one by running through the algorithm and by sending opt-in emails to the clients. We remove passive users and replace it by matching with our master database. We also look for syntax errors, or spelling errors in the domain name, and username. With email verifying protocol, you can connect with your prospective customers faster and effectively.

A verified email data list is vital to building a lasting relationship with your clientele. Since emails are the source of vendor and vendee interaction, it is crucial to maintain the hassle-free nature of this medium for increased productivity. You will improve the performance of email campaigns and create a buzz for your growing business.

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Trusted email verification and list updation services

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Maximum coverage of your possible extended market
Data API for Latest verified data
Data API's makes outdated data a thing of the past

Advanced email verification and manual appending helps you achieve the optimal email Marketing KPI's

B2B Data Partners’ email verification process involves an overall approach to help your business grow successfully. We recommend you to get your available mailing lists verified and manually appended by your list experts. This helps you prevent loosing contacts and future oppurtunities. It helps you save money through identifiying the inactive users and updating their data at your email database.

Otherwise, you may loose time and money over unresponsive data. Our double opt-in option has made the complete process of rectifying the authenticity of bulk data simpler.

Email verification of your customer database is profitable because it aids in a gradual progression in the company's ROI. B2B Data Partners strive to bring positive changes in your database for greater efficiency. To keep your database up-to-date is crucial to stay more successful than others.

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