Have a database, but not sure
what is in place and what isn't?

Get a Data Quality Audit by us and decide for yourself!

Data Audit

Test the credibility of your data

Before rolling out any marketing campaign, get your database updated.

But how would you do it?

same databse

Use the same database (It's cost-effective, but results are not guaranteed)

new databse

Invest on a new database (Expensive, but results are guaranteed) OR


Get a Data Audit on your database and rectify (Practical, cost-effective with guaranteed results)


Data Audit can multiply your revenue

Just before rolling out Marketing campaigns, many firms end up leaving a huge hole in their pocket. This is because they try to fix issues, which hardly needs attention. Data auditing helps you understand the bare facts of your database and will ensure that every penny you invest results in multiplying your ROI.

B2B Data Partners gets down to the skeletal facts of your database and points out specifically what you need for your database. Database auditing involves the process of observing a database so as to be aware of the actions of database users.

Once you submit your database to B2B Data Partners, we will identify the spots which require attention and also suggest you what can be done to keep it up-to-date.

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Data Audit Report

Our Data Audit reports include specifications such as

summary of the Data submitted

A summary of the Data submitted


Exact data count, broken and segregated - the number of records, and the breakup of related contact information


Address specifications – We will compare the business names and addresses in your input file against the Postcode Address File, national Business Database and our Master database, and provide you with figures for the number of records


List audit– Report will include suggestion on how many contacts can be appended and updated in your list

The B2B Data Partners’ Data Audit report will be provided in percentage, along with the exact number of data which would need your attention. The Report will also come with a summary sheet with suggestions on what has to be done and where exactly. As an extensive amount of research goes into preparing the Data audit report, companies can use it as a reference sheet before planning their next campaign.

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