Data Reseller Services

It is always easier to sell a trusted, branded product than to sell a new one.
The scope is bigger and you find it easier to convince your customers.

Consider some of these challenges you
face as a Reseller

prospects data

Finding prospects data from niche criteria


Long delay
in delivering

High operational costs


multiple vendors

Frustration of dealing with multiple vendors

tailor-made products

Large expenditure on acquiring tailor-made products


Tailor made reseller program designed for you

Become a B2B Data Partners reseller and enjoy the benefit of serving multiple data solutions and digital marketing services from one source.

Reseller membership includes

We provide in-depth support in marketing, strategy, and brand building

Special offers, higher discounts and increased partner-manager support

API access for instant data access, and acquire data instantly

Get access to the entire digital marketing suite of services

Online training support and marketing collaterals for business improvement

24/7 sales support and no upfront fees

Data Appending

Resell our niche data
services as your own

For resellers we take care of requests with alacrity, thereby reducing any delay in submitting finished files. Our reseller-dedicated team will take care of the data quality, counts, and deliverability issues.

Our plans are available for partners with and without websites!
Our plans are available
Have A Website?

Have A Website?

There could be no better opportunity than to revamp your website-with our expertise, full-revamp your website-with our expertise, full-fledged professionalism and usefulness.

B2B API - Brand your business search interface and keep supporting it with our 40 million master file and API connectivity.

Search Tool - Get our business search interface to enable your website in end-to-end online business search.

Custom Apps- Have us develop online/offline apps to engage, manage, inform, entertain and nurture your business.

Don't Have A Website?

Don't Have A Website?

You better get one because a vendor, reseller and B2B partner must own one. Here is how we can help.

20:20 Websites- Use our intelligent development kit to create your brand pages, add features, customize them and get a commercial features, customize them and get a commercial web domain overnight all by yourself.

ROI intellligence - Get our esteemed product for an online data management website that stays supported by our 40 million plus database.

Custom Apps- Have us develop online/offline apps to engage, manage, inform, entrtain and nurture your business.

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