Tele Verification Services

Keep the stakes high by strengthening your company’s plausibility.

We, the B2B Data Partners, have adopted many techniques to bring you a credible database. Among others, one of the most effective paths is that of direct communication, which is possible with tele-verification. By verifying your prospects, there is an opportunity to build an accurate database while simultaneously, you can create an efficient marketing campaign.

tele verification

Now it is possible to gain a reliable database at your fingertips.

Choose tele-verified data for the more plausible database.

With duplicate data, email lapses occur every day. Whereas a lot of money invested in ad campaigns, but with redundant data, they do not materialise your efforts. You will eventually compensate for it by intensifying your marketing campaigns. But this is an expensive path, as cost loss occurs with too many promotional campaigns. Improved database hygiene enables high responses off the data. B2B Data Partners will carry out extensive phone calls to check the reliability of the clientele. The best way to cut down your costs is to rely on our telephone verification services.

We, the data vendors, undertake the excruciating job of verifying large chunks of data both automatically and manually. One of the manual verifications that hugely brings difference to your existing database is tele-verification. Contacting your prospect customers on the phone has two benefits. First, we will authenticate your customers’ numbers to make sure your marketing campaigns are profitable ones. Whereas, the second benefit is telephone solicitation. By connecting with your potent leads on a personal level, we will encourage them to take your services. The problems of customer acquisition and retention can be taken care with one solution; telephone validation.

A known fact is that data doesn’t have a long life. A change in the client’s contact details, place of residence and vocation, usually goes unnoticed. With the growing competition in each sector, keeping track of your valuable clients becomes the priority. Also, the other important aspect of growing your business is the expansion of insightful prospects, which again is great if it is reliable. B2B Data Partners’ tele-authentication service updates your erroneous data to reach your insightful prospects and is cost-effective.


B2B Data Partners Tele Verification process can help you

Bring down
the spam
Bring down the spam reports
your brand
Enhance your brand reputation
Communicate with your potent leads, adeptly
Communicate with your potent leads, adeptly
Remove inaccurate and improper database skilfully
Remove inaccurate and improper database skilfully
Increase the response on your campaigns uprightly
Increase the response on your campaigns uprightly

Do not worry about low consumer responses. Create a buzz for your services with desirable customers. With B2B Data Partners, get a comprehensive solution that ensures any database delivered to you is accurate and regularly updated. While our phone authentication will ensure you receive maximum ROI through your qualified data.

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