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Our B2B data refinement process is designed for greater efficiency in prospect search and greater efficacy in customer or lead nurturing.


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data refinement

Companies find it hard to breathe without data refinement in a marketing database. The only reason for that is organizational dependency on high quality marketing lists.

In an ideal “paperless-wireless” environment, where all data is captured in programs in spite of events triggering up randomly, a high level of data quality can be easy to maintain. But nothing in this world, let alone database management, gets close to 100% automation.

More importantly, data refinement is a standard procedure that one must follow consistently to bring cohesion between the various records and fields in a B2B marketing list, which is inevitably subject to unannounced changes. In a large data warehouse made of prospect and other details, the process of making disparate data more comprehendible can be complicated.

As a result, data refinement is carried out systematically when access paths and organizational infrastructures are set up. Data refinement also needs to be carried out when an organization is revising its semantics, standards and protocols.

B2B Data Partners can provide you with custom apps for such needs.


Benefits of data refinement
in B2B marketing database

segmented data pools

Work with segmented
data pools

Group prospects

Group prospects according
to selected criteria


Target your customers with
specifically applicable strategies

The basic flow of our data refinement procedures

data refinement procedures

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