Tele-verified Data

Have a prospect database that brings no results?
Are you sure the data in your hand is tele verified?
Or is your data decayed?

B2B data has a very limited shelf life and updating databases with timely updates is what keeps them active. In huge data lists, it is simply very difficult to check how accurate the database is without professional tele-verification for it.

Why choose B2Bdatapartners?

B2Bdatapartners now has 8 Million records in its Tele-verified Database. Besides, the clients find access to one of the largest Tele-verification teams (400+ Tele-verifiers) in the industry, who can authenticate your old database making a million calls. Our protocols involve monthly data cleanup procedures and segregation for the Do-Not-Call (DNC) lists.

Our Tele-verified Data include category details such as −

  • SIC codes
  • National Change of Address references
  • ZIP4 and ZIP Codes of product buyers
  • Web and Land Addresses of organizations requiring IT services
  • Fax details of gadget purchasers/distributors
  • Phone Numbers
  • Job Titles in computerized facilities
  • Roles of professionals etc.

Before Tele-verification calls, our experts find all these details through −

  • Government database search
  • Tech seminars/product launches
  • B2b marketing forums
  • Application-based campaigns
  • Opt-in email campaigns
  • Field surveys
  • Annual report researching

At B2Bdatapartners, 400+ telemarketers verify business information across fields, helping minimize costs and increase response rates genuinely. The team dials a million numbers every month to certify the authenticity of data. Through data cleansing and hygiene techniques, we send you a freshly verified phone numbers, among which you will find no DNC numbers as they will have been scrubbed. We also provide Customized Tele-verified Data as per specific request.

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