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Are you connecting, but failing to convert?
Are you having trouble with finding the right profiles before a pitch?
Are you unknowingly dissociating from scientists, researchers, engineers and tech gurus?

B2B databases in technology based organizations are complex and large, often making it difficult to trace inaccurate records. The level of inaccuracy in such a database is bound to get higher owing to unavoidable events.

While IT professionals, tech gurus, CEOs and important vendors change their addresses, email ID’s, phone numbers and other mediums of contact, you can imagine how difficult it gets for a large database handler to first find out which records need change, and then go around looking for people whose contacts are wrong!

Why choose B2Bdatapartners

Technology is the life and blood of the world today, and its depth of applicability is bound to associate your tech firm with an overflowing number of contacts in a short period. Consequently, the ideal frequency of cleansing your database also becomes crucial. Our protocols involve monthly data cleanup procedures.

Our B2B technology lists carry the following details:

  • SIC codes
    • Electronic equipment companies
    • Communication corporations
    • Semiconductor manufacturers
    • Defense units
    • IT and maintenance services
  • National Change of Address references
  • ZIP4 and ZIP Codes of product buyers
  • Web and land addresses organizations requiring IT services
  • Fax details of gadget purchasers/distributors
  • Phone numbers of tech professionals
  • Job titles in computerized facilities
  • Roles of professionals in technology based environments

Our experts are able to find all these details by performing:

  • Government database search
  • Tech Seminars/Product launches
  • B2B Marketing forums
  • Application-based campaigns
  • Opt-in email campaigns
  • Field surveys
  • Annual report researching

Our B2B marketing lists for tech-based companies and entrepreneurs are prepared through a variety of methods, some of which include Marketing. As a result, gadget developers, visionaries, scientists and engineers always find out something new by checking our B2B Technology Lists every time they need something.

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