December 14, 2011

B2BDataPartners congratulates its 4 Kindle Fires winners at the NCDM 2011

Las Vegas, December 14, 2011 /Press Release/ -- B2BDataPartners, the world’s leading B2B marketing organization and silver sponsor for NCDM 2011, proudly announces its 2 lucky winners of Amazon Kindle Fire – Brian Fenske, President of Fenske Media Corp and Andrew Bradley, Manager of Marketing Data at Philips Lifeline. The two lucky winners were awarded 4 Kindle Fires at the NCDM 2011.

The company had requested the visitors to drop in their business cards at their booth. The names of the winners were chosen in a lucky draw. The company expressed great pleasure in announcing the winners and congratulated them on the occasion.

NCDM 2011 is on its full-swing and B2BDataPartners, a firm specializing in B2B list data is seeing power-packed crowd throughout the course of the event. The booths have been pouring in with visitors from across the globe. Booth No. 202 is now buzzing with activities, meet-ups and discussions.

Being the silver sponsor of the mega event, B2B is showering the booth attendees with free goodies and surprise gifts such as spin the wheel and USB pens, among other things. All this has already created a huge buzz among the NCDM 2011 attendees.

Through this mega event, B2BDataPartners will help its booth attendees and clients gain useful insights on data management & technology, and provide them competitive advantage with verified and accurate lists of over 32 Million global B2B contacts.

Exhibitor Details:

Exhibitor : B2BDataPartners
Sponsorship Option : Silver
Booth No : 202
Date : Dec 12th-14th
Venue : Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
Contact email :
Phone : 800-328-4081
Keynote Speaker :

About B2BDataPartners

B2Bdatapartners is a business cycle management company with clients across the world. B2Bdatapartners has transformed the way businesses work with cutting-edge technology and business management skills. We pride at offering customized solutions based on the clients' requirements and business scope.

B2Bdatapartners offers services that help clients with their complete business cycle. This includes sales, marketing and customer services. For a business to work smoothly, all the three wings have to work hand in hand. This is what B2Bdatapartners seeks to do. With our services and applications, we help our clients bring all their business processes together and make their jobs easier.

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