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Your challenges are our very own! The digital industry is super fast-paced and ever dynamic, with new technologies rapidly emerging and changing the way businesses grow and remain profitable. You have hundreds of never-ending challenges to face like, a long delay in delivering requests, High operational costs, Frustration of dealing with multiple vendors, and Large expenditure on acquiring tailor-made products.

Your partnership with us will steer you off from the worries of building strategies to find the relevant database. If resellers are not offering added value alongside the products they are selling, they will likely begin to sell on price – value and support merely will not matter. This is the scenario where trusted data partners like us come into the picture and help address requirements that are critical.

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The road to success is closer than you think.

Glide through and get:
world-class services

Exposure to world-class services & products y

Intelligence on ROI best practices

Intelligence on ROI best practices

keep your audience informed

Custom apps to manage and keep your audience informed

spot-on search tools

The spot-on search tools

Special offers

Special offers, higher discounts

API access

API access for instant data access

Digital marketing suite

Digital marketing suite of services access

Online training

Online training support

24/7 sales support

24/7 sales support and no upfront fees

New business data-centric solutions smoothen the new roads for new opportunities for partners and resellers to be able to adapt. As a reseller business entity, you can focus on building infrastructure, data, applications, and targeted verticals with defined business solutions that can help your customers transform their operations. The question that matters most for any reseller in this market is whether or not you have a strategy to find a piece of the market you can stake the future of your business on, and we have answers to all your questions. Your and our expertise is to engage new customers and generate new business.

In this dynamic market place, there are times when you’ll find yourself being knocked down to challenging levels, and this is the time when you need to make the most brilliant business move with data experts like us.

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Data Online Pack

Offer the best marketing lists to your clients

Access to our master database
Get customized lists built by our experts
Monthly subscription plans
Download data whenever required
Get commission on each deal

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Data Management Pack

Manage business data for your clients

Cleanse, add and manage data for your clients
Get updated data every month
Monthly Subscription plans
Choose Data Management, Data Verification,
Data appending and more

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Email Marketing Pack

Manage business data for your clients

Create, rollout and track
email campaigns
Get database for your clients’ email campaigns
Monthly subscription plans
White-listed email campaign platform

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