IT Lead Search

You can search Information Technology (IT) business professionals and top IT executives using our IT Leads Search option. Using this IT Leads Search, you can view and download granular data of profiles in the Information Technology industry and gain valuable insight on the segment.

An enhanced search tool come in four customized types – Customized, General Information, Industry and Location based.

Categorized Search

  • Search lists based on various industry segments
  • Results include Database, Web server, Hardware, Printers, etc

General Information Search

  • Customized title based search (CEO, CTO, Manager, Partner, etc.)
  • Search by Company, Turnover, Revenue, etc.

Industry Based Search

  • Broaden search base by including industry options
  • Top IT decision makers in different industries (Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, etc.)

Location Based Search

  • Unique search option to locate IT professionals based in different countries
  • Results will be based on various countries, states or ZIP codes

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