Inbound Marketing Services

Are your customers attracted towards you?
Is there enough engaging content on your website, to keep your customers occupied?
Are you getting found easily?

Even if there is a mild nod in negative, then be assured that you need an inbound marketing expert to attract and engage your customers.

Inbound marketing is essential for getting found by maximum customers online. B2Bdatapartners, with its years of experience, has partnered with the experts to ensure that our customers get only the best. We are the official partners of Hubspot, Hootsuite and Leadsberry, who are the front runners in the subject.

Businesses big or small, require a good amount of eye ball attention to ensure the brand’s name is fresh and running. In today's world, if you are unable to manage your entire internet presence, while nurturing and developing leads through a single platform, your business is behind the times.

Businesses could use more visitors from online searches; however, companies should know that once a visitor finds their website, they must have everything in place to convert more leads.

There are three phases of Inbound Marketing

  • Getting found
  • Converting Leads
  • Analyze

To get found on the internet

  • Own a Blog, frequently updated on your Website.
  • Have a newsletter
  • SEO pages to rank high on Google Page
  • Mobile responsive website
  • Frequent posts and visits on social media like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, Slide Share, Google+ etc

How to Convert Leads

  • Use Forms to collect and convert lead
  • Have call to actions in blog posts with offers on whitepapers, ebooks, downloads etc
  • Update links on website to social media accounts
  • Use social media to drive leads

How to Analyze

  • Through Web Analytics, analyze every customer by considering them as a lead. Also comparing with your competitors will help you in understanding where you stand in the current market.

Inbound Marketing is a new phase of marketing where your customers are pulled and attracted towards your website, only through content. They are neither forced into nor controlled. A meticulously planned Inbound Marketing technique will help companies to boost the website traffic and increase the ROI simultaneously.

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