Email Data Management Services

How connected are you with your customers?

That depends on how current and correct is your data!

It’s a fact that more often than ever people hop jobs, change companies, take over new profiles and designations. Hence, its imperative that the contact numbers, email ids and postal addresses also change.

If your database contains outdated email addresses, then you are slowly losing the ability to connect with your customers online. All this boils down to one thing that you are sacrificing a valuable source of revenue for your company.

Email Data Management Services can help you

  • Reconnect with lost customers
  • Maximize your email deliverability
  • Reduce marketing costs associated with bouncing emails
  • Increase your customer retention

B2Bdatapartners provides a combination of services so as to manage and keep your email data, current and correct at all times.

Email Data Management and B2bdatapartners

Once your data list reaches B2Bdatapartners, it is given a complete 360 degree attention and is enhanced to ensure you get returns, without much attention.

The Email Data Management Service of B2Bdatapartners include

  • Email Appending service – This is a process where the missing email information is appended on to your data lists, by fetching them from our existing Master database. We also create and send a welcome email to your new online customers
  • Unlocked email ids – Through our extensive email and tele-marketing teams, we ensure that all the email ids provided to you have opted for receiving your emails. We update this, by contacting each individual and taking their choice on either receiving or blocking emails.
  • Email Updating service – Amongst all the data, it’s the email data which has a very short life cycle. Through Email Updating service, we can put you back in touch with your lost email subscribers. We can help you maintain the accuracy and integrity of your customer email database, decrease undeliverable and help reduce lost revenue.
  • Exchange data - We will take your outdated email addresses (or "bounces"), and provide you with a new email address. We can help you suppress undeliverable addresses. We can also identify and correct typographical errors in your email files, as well as missing characters in the domain name and extension.

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