Data Building

In order to get cracking with your sales figures, the first thing you need is a larger number of buyers. Finding them from a list of prospects, or a limited database, can be highly time-consuming and almost fruitless. To resolve such situations, we design data building procedures.

Data building is the foundation of outbound marketing. It is a process of gathering, collating and segmenting data according to protocols that facilitate the needs of a client.

Our protocol:

We have a master file of B2B marketing data, which includes more than 32 Million records. At the same time, we guarantee that none of our records include profiles or people who have been added to the list without permission. We ensure that the data provided to you are the most relevant records – so that you can find the maximum number of transformable prospects in a marketing file that your sales teams are about to use.

In case it turns out that our master file has fewer relevant records than you need, our sizeable market research teams will provide us with the plug.

Our data building process:

  • Identification of the right industries
  • Pinpointing organizations that need you
  • Identifying the right profiles in them
  • Agree on a database file format
  • Collating data accordingly
  • Internet research
  • Fill up database in greater detail
  • Validation of multi-level information

Building data alone is often inadequate in the sight of long-term benefits owing to inevitable changes in information. As a result, data appending, verification and cleansing remain necessary procedures that you should never avoid once you have a quality B2B marketing list.

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