Customer Retention

Are your customers opting out frequently?

Are you paying enough attention to your existing customers?

Adding new customer to your database is good, but what about your existing customers? Research shows that marketers spend more time in getting a new customer, when compared to retaining their existing customers. Today, an unhappy customer is not just a loss for your company, but a profit for your competitor. Keeping them engaged and occupied with you is the key, but this can turn out to be a costly affair for a company.

B2Bdatapartners provides you with everything that you require to build a customer database that will cost-effectively retain your customers.

We help you

  • Update your current database
  • Append data elements
  • Segment your customers
  • Understand your customers
  • Sell and market more effectively.

Our customer retention solutions include:

  • Email marketing technology and strategy
  • Marketing database
  • Data hygiene
  • Data append
  • Email append
  • Email update
  • Modeling and profiling

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