B2B Executives Lists

B2B executives are busy professionals who have to spend most of their time in converting business contacts into long-term partners or yielding links. In order to do the same thing as a B2B professional, you will need a list of Business executives looking for expansions, mergers, contracts, deals and fruitful professional relationships.

If your business relationships today include just customers and suppliers, you can add vendors, distributors, decision makers, staffing professionals and other profiles to the list.

Why choose B2Bdatapartners

To keep your operations running smoothly thereafter, you will need a foolproof source of B2B contacts – which implies that you need more records, and consequently more real-time servicing to keep it useful.

Even if you may already have a large database of B2B contacts, you will be requiring regular administration and management of it, especially to maximize the percentage of deals from it, and minimize the number of cold or outdated leads.

Our Business Executives Lists always include the following details:

  • Industrial SIC codes
  • National Change of Address references
  • Zip Codes/ZIP4
  • Email IDs
  • Fax details
  • Job roles
  • Specializations
  • Work time contacts

In order to find out these details accurately, our experts channelize research through your niches before catering the needful.

Our experts engage in continuing research through:

  • Government database searching
  • Marketing Seminars/Web marketing forums
  • Application-based campaigns
  • Opt-in email campaigns
  • Field surveys
  • Annual report analyses

These are conducted not only to see to the availability of leads, but that the quality of these records is impossible to be challenged – by which we ensure that your database will have 80-90% conversion probability in real-time testing! If you require more details on any of our services, Contact Us now

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