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You will find marketing software and you will find sales software and then there is B2BApp. B2BApp is the first-of-its-kind automation tool that integrates complete Sales and marketing requirements. The tool brings together your sales, marketing and customer service cycles and makes your business process much better, faster and successful.

Sales and marketing has to go hand in hand for the business to prosper. B2BApp brings this into fruition with a cutting-edge tool. See what B2BApp offers you.

Data Management

Import your internal database, search & add more data from B2Bdatapartners or any third party vendors, upload data and have all your data in a single platform.

Bounce Management

Worried about bounce mails from your previous campaigns? Learn more about your bounces and remove any hard bounce automatically with BounceApp.

Create a Custom Database

All your verified and appended data is compiled on a single platform. Save any segmented database and create such lists for all your campaigns.


Integrate customer service into your sales and marketing cycles with a comprehensive CRM module. Get optimum results from your marketing efforts.

Auto Fill

Missing the email addresses of your prospects? Choose B2B App’s Auto Fill tool to automatically add the missing email ids. You may also skip this step.

Avoid Spam Traps

Stay away from spam traps with B2BApp. Remove any spam traps from your database by checking with this application. Be safe and sure with B2BApp.

Email Campaigns

Create, rollout, manage and measure your campaigns with a single module. Export the opens, clicks and other details into the CRM or any spreadsheet.

Lead Nurturing

Allot your leads to personalized lead nurturing campaigns. Nurture each lead individually and turn more leads into deals. All you need is a mouse click.

Salesforce Integration (MyProspects)

MyProspects is a Salesforce integration app, which provides you a wide range of prospects from various industries from our database.
This app allows you to search, purchase and download them directly into your Salesforce.com instance as Leads. It also provides you an option of importing them as converted leads with/without opporutnities.

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