B2B Data Reseller API

Quench your thirst for unlimited quality data

B2B Data API allows you to integrate our database of 32 Million business records into your existing website. Our API is specially designed to help resellers deliver quality data, online and instantly, to their valued clients.

Our API enables your clients to search, define and download high caliber data. At the same time it allows you to retain your brand identity while adding more lucrative value propositions to your website.



  • Access to 32 Million business records
  • Unlimited subscription options
  • License to set your own data pricing
  • Searchable data and display of data count at no cost
  • Complete control over your website and user accounts
  • 24/7 online technical support


  • Unlimited : 32 Million business records
  • Simple : Easily customizable look and feel
  • Flexible : Subscription plans to suit your budget
  • Profitable : Data pricing of your choice
  • Versatile : Compatible with any platform
  • Secure : Account is safeguarded with zero information leakage


  • Agree to 'Terms of Use' of B2BData API
  • Enter into a reseller contract that permits you to resell our data.


If you are not a programmer/ developer/Established business, we will:

  • Help you get started
  • Create or change the look and feel of your website
  • Provide programmers to help you at every step

Have questions? Contact Us: Call 800-382-4081 or Email: info@b2bdatapartners.com


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