Account Based Marketing

Looking for actionable marketing activities that support sales?

Is “niche” marketing on your mind?

Then Account Based Marketing (ABM) is just what you need.

Account Based marketing (ABM) or Key Account Marketing is a strategic approach of B2B marketing in which an organization considers and communicates with their most sought and most valued prospects or customers at a time.

ABM is the new Mantra of B2B Marketing and according to ITSMA budget and trend surveys of 2013*, marketers indicate that they plan on doubling the amount that they spend on Account Based Marketing Programs. With ABM, you have a chance to focus on your target audience, without bearing the trouble or cost of marketing your product or services to the mass.

One size never fits all and marketers are constantly taking personalization to a different level today. With the gradual shift of trends towards social media, where a customer talks his/her heart out and expects us to know about it; it is even more challenging to reach out to the mass with a single solution in hand. ABM approach comes into picture just then, a niche marketing strategy, which dwells on extensive Research, Planning and Execution programs. Its implementation is apt for a complex clientele and requires marketing and sales to hold hands and work together.

B2Bdatapartners assist you in implementing ABM campaigns customized and tailored to a specific target.

The parameters for tailoring specific actions for every account is dependent on

In order to make ABM a successful approach, we assist our clients to have a clear understanding of the key account recognition criteria. We do the required research, contact identification, contact mapping and creating ideal situations/platforms for the executives from both the sides to brainstorm. However, the basics rely upon identifying accounts and contact mapping. It is important to know, which account needs to be focused upon.

Who usually qualifies to be your key accounts?

  • Large strategic accounts
  • High budget, single transactions companies
  • Customers buying with multiple decision makers involved
  • Mix of professional services with added value products
  • Personalized accounts which have sales through complex solutions

Why B2Bdatapartners for ABM?

B2Bdatapartners is sensitive to the current and changing trends of the market. Owning a database of over 32 million plus and with the team of skilled marketers, it’s easier for us to sense the pulse of the industry at any given point in time. Although companies are adopting in-house ABM, they tend to get stuck in the initial stage of key account selection and the later stage of contact mapping. This is due to the lack of adept research and efficient guidance.

With B2Bdatapartners, you can

  • Rightly Identify the key accounts
  • Rightly Identify the industry verticals
  • Gaining deeper insights of the focus account backed by in-depth research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Comparative analysis with competitive brand
  • Contact Mapping in accordance to the need of the hour
  • Right forums of interactions with the right decision makers
  • Map actions for each decision makers based on the tactical sales and strategic long-term development
  • Report on existing sale coverage
  • Comparison to Industry marketing for alignment of sales and marketing to the next level
  • Agreed sales targets, sold propositions and long-term objectives for the account and more…

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