Reseller (Partnership) Education Program

By signing up for our data reseller education program, you can learn how exactly data driven marketing can help your clients and improve their ROI.

Whether you have the edge of owning a website or not, we can enable you to play a significant role in the market with big data.

Our education goes beyond technical training.

Since our partnership plans are widely based on the white-label model, we can train you on how best to brand our service-technology packs given the situation you are in.

It is not just a bulk of data that you can use, but an array of technologies in combination, each of which has specific advantages for entrepreneurs pursuing different plans.

Features in B2Bdatapartners partnership/reseller education program:

  • Data analysis
  • Tools usage
  • Software applicability
  • Customized application marketing
  • Data quality maintenance techniques

To get started, just help us get in touch with you by filling up the form. (Remember you can also get in touch with B2Bdatapartners in your area.)


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