Boston, Massachusetts, October 6, 2011

B2BDataPartners Ends Its Rendezvous at DMA: 2011 with the Promise of a Comeback

B2BDataPartners commenced DMA Conference: 2011 on a high note, and made its closing ceremony an affair to remember with its much anticipated announcement. B2B confirmed its presence for the 2012 DMA extravaganza at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas from Oct. 13-18.

DMA conference at Boston witnessed noteworthy speakers like Alan Moss, director-online sales at Google; Biz Stone, founder of Twitter and Grady Burnett, VP-global sales and operations at Facebook sharing their remarkable insights. Among the glamour and the glitz, booth number 1936 of B2BDataPartners was crowded with visitors to avail free consultation for data and marketing issues.

B2BDatapartners announced the release of 32 Million social media profiles with their existing b2b database, and received more than 200 inquiries on the first day for Info CheckPoint. The figure for the enquiries crossed 1K mark on the 4th day of conference.

B2BDataPartners had arranged for events like “Spin the Wheel” and round-trip offers that caught the visitors’ fancy, and received a lot of enquiries. Over 800 people collected B2BDataPartners brochures and showed interest in their services.

About B2BDataPartners

B2Bdatapartners is a business cycle management company with clients across the world. B2Bdatapartners has transformed the way businesses work with cutting-edge technology and business management skills. We pride at offering customized solutions based on the clients’ requirements and business scope.

B2Bdatapartners offers services that help clients with their complete business cycle. This includes sales, marketing and customer services. For a business to work smoothly, all the three wings have to work hand in hand. This is what B2Bdatapartners seeks to do. With our services and applications, we help our clients bring all their business processes together and make their jobs easier.

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