Salesforce Integration (MyProspects)

At B2Bdatapartners, our trusted and certified consultants can implement best-of-breed practices to your Salesforce instance. This will maximize your investment in, so you can reap the rewards of successful customer relationship management and sales force automation. Our remote support team from India means you will have constant access to technical assistance and support no matter where you are in the world. Contact us today to learn more about implementations and how B2Bdatapartners can work for you.

We have expertise in the following programs to develop customized solutions for enhancing the functionality and ROI your of investment.

This includes:
Apex Code
Use Apex to extend the functionality of your application implemented through triggers and creating Apex classes for optimal standardization and code reuse.

Reshape the presentation of your application. We can use Visualforce pages to combine data from multiple objects, to blend data from web services into your application, or to implement a robust Web 2.0-style interface for your users.

Java Technology
Develop custom interfaces in Java to add rules while uploading data into The .csv files that are uploaded through the default loader in do not facilitate the addition of rules that bind the data. We develop custom application to add this functionality and control the data before it is loaded into

.NET Technology
Build .NET application to develop additional functionalities that requires external connection to other application

MS-Office Integration
Expertise in developing custom controls that will control and merge with other office application. We can create mail merge option for application that are not available in by default. For example, we have created the merge functionality for MS Excel, as only supports MS Word by default.

Data Migration
Handle migration of a large quantum of data. This is achieved through the import wizard or the data loaders that are available in based on the complexity and format that the data is available in. We can migrate data between two different instances of or between MS Excel and


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