Hard Bounce Management

Email could not be delivered
Mailbox not found-User unknown
Mailbox user not reachable
Domain name not recognized
Gibberish error codes (500 or above)

If these messages look familiar, then be sure your database Stinks!

B2Bdatapartners provides seamless connectivity to customers and reduced instances of bounces through email campaigns.

Why do you need us?

Marketers can rely on B2Bdatapartners to increase email offer count to customer contact list for the following best reasons:

  • Deliver successful email campaigns by removal of invalid email address
  • Standardized approach in identifying appropriate and correct database
  • Constant monitoring of ISP to remove inactive subscribers
  • Quick and cost effective solutions to scrub wrong addresses from the database
  • Well managed bounce rate to increase email campaign promotions

All about Hard Bounce Management Tool, Know-why Hard Bounce tool is advantageous for marketers

  • Comprehensive database management with complete reporting and analysis
  • Continuous tracking of bounced emails and reporting invalid email address to the database
  • Database updated with deliverable email addresses-leaving no room for invalid entries
  • Sophisticated software to monitor spam filters to ensure prompt and authentic deliverability
  • Appending database with corrected entries and updated email contact database
Data Verification

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