Email verification

Are your emails doing a boomerang effect?

B2Bdatapartners can convert the Boomerang effect into an Arrow effect through its Email verification process. Our 360 degree email id verification services are designed to give your campaigns the right direction.

It is estimated that over 30 % of professionals change their email addresses every year. With an extensive email verification process, B2Bdatapartners increases the accuracy of the email addresses in the database. We even validate the domain name, and ensure that despite bulk emails, you never get spammed. The specialized Email verification team clears out any of the typos in the database. Our email verification solutions are custom-made to meet your business requirements.

Once the email addresses are submitted, they are passed through a series of algorithms such as Domain name validation, syntax validation and username validation and assure our customers of a rich and fresh.

B2Bdatapartners email verification process can help you

  • Enhance your email deliverability
  • Increase the reach of your marketing campaigns
  • Connect with your targets faster
  • Avoid the chances of getting spam listed
  • Improve the reliability of contact details
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