Things you need to know before sending email campaigns

Email Camapigns

Just purchasing business data from reputed vendors does not guarantee success of your email campaigns. You need to know certain statistics and technicalities before jump-starting your campaigns.
•Best Days to Send Email – Most of the people open their emails within first 24 hours (73.5%) or 48 hours (85.3%). So it’s better to roll-out campaigns on the start of the week, as it gets highest open rate and click rate.
•Subject Lines – Length of subject lines has a great impact on open rates. It has been found that subject lines shorter than 35 characters are opened more than the longer ones 
•Personalization – results have proved that there are more opens and clicks when the message is personalized.
•Number of Recipients – It’s good to keep number of subscribers within 1000, as small and medium lists generate better results.
•Open Rate – As compared to the previous years, open rate is showing an upward trend and stands at 25.63%. So, people are opening mails more than ever. This shows you’re your email campaigns have a better chance.
•Click Rates – Click rates have dropped by 4.7% as compared to last quarter. So even though subscribers may open your mail, the message to be enticing enough to get clicks.
•Deliverability – Likelihood of an email being delivered to the inbox depends on Sender Score. It measures the reputation of an email sender. Deliverability has increased to 95% and is showing an upward trend, showing that marketers are taking care of Spam laws and bounces more than ever.
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